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The Spa

Complete Mind, Body & Soul is a health and wellness spa here to provide non-invasive ways in which to heal and improve the condition of the human body. We offer services such as body contouring, foot detoxes, yoni steams, sauna blankets, lashes extensions, and more! If you are a health conscious individual looking for alternative ways to improve your personal health or even an individual who would like to invest more into your self care, then this is the spa for you. We support multiethnic/multicultural personal hygienic/grooming practices and our body contouring services could boost you towards your personal goals. You're guaranteed to enter our spa and leave with a decease in toxins and a clear headspace, all while feeling complete

Our Philosophy


"Self care is Happiness". The key to happiness is the way that you care for your mind, body & spirit. Here at Complete Mind, Body & Soul we encourage you to give yourself the proper self care that you need. Whether its a fresh set of lashes to compliment your face or one of our foot detox sessions to cleanse your body, you are guaranteed a way to care for yourself. Our Spiritual Altar (see image to the left) is open and available to any of our clients to serve as a visual focus for their spiritual intentions, affirmations, prayers, and energy. At Complete Mind, Body, & Soul you are sure to find a way to feel complete before you leave.

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